Why you should have a videographer

So you have decided you won’t be having a wedding video. Just take a moment to think why you made that decision.

You’re having a photographer? So you don’t need a video as well? Your uncle has a Handycam anyway? No more money left in the budget? The videos you have seen have been dire? It would be too intrusive, too many cameras, and even worse, lights and wires everywhere? It would embarrass my guests and us?

The majority of couples don’t have a video, and yet all those who do, say afterwards “we are so glad we did” when they see the results that can be achieved these days.

A contemporary videographer will produce a result that is not so much a home movie, more a television special or feature film. Professional videographers won’t produce any cheese, nor embarrassment, nor make you look anything other than wonderful on your day.

They should be unobtrusive, yet capture all that went on. Compared to still photographs, you will have a record of not only the entire day, but also a more intense experience: the pure entertainment of all the voices, music, laughter, atmosphere, movement and pace from your special day!

This is a big day and a lot of effort and stress (and money!) will be going into it—afterwards, you deserve more to show for it than just your memories, a dress in a cupboard and a dusty photograph album.

Imagine….. being able to snuggle together on the sofa for an evening alone to re-live the day. Imagine having your friends round to view the highlights chapter, reminiscing over what happened. Imagine watching while your family point out all the guests you didn’t have a chance to meet properly. Imagine listening to your vows again, which will have gone by on the day without registering!

If you’re having church bells, or fireworks, a choir or a horse and carriage, how else will those memories last?

Imagine being able to send a short video highlight webclip on the internet to all your guests—and to all those who couldn’t attend, anywhere in the world!

Imagine watching it in a few years time. Did the children really look that cute? I can’t believe the fashions then! Show the kids what granddad looked—and sounded—like.

If this doesn’t sound like your expectations from a wedding video, then you’ve been seeing the wrong types of video.
How can I tell?

The only way to tell if a videographer will produce results like this is to:

* view sample clips on their website
* ask for a recent demonstration disc
* talk to them about how they operate on the day
* ask them for referrals from previous customers

Look out for…
…a pace that moves the video along. You shouldn’t be bored after watching the first few seconds, because nothing much is happening.

Is the picture steady, so you can watch without a headache? Or is it wobbling about or crooked, because they don’t keep the camera still, reminding you of too many home movies?

Can you hear the voices properly, especially during the ceremony and the speeches?

All videographers today should be able to produce not only DVDs, but also widescreen pictures. Your wedding should fill that new expensive television screen properly, not be stretched to fit!

Your DVD should have chapter markers and menus, so you can re-live the parts you want. It should have a short highlights section, when you want a quick fix(!) and maybe a brief trailer, to get your heart racing!

High definition video is just emerging – this will give you a future-proofed result in the years to come.
Convinced? What now?

Then contact me for sample clips and a demonstration DVD. Ask for previous customer referrals. Like many services in demand, such as photographers and venues, us good ones get booked up early, so don’t leave it to the last minute!